This site will allow users to register a patient or enter case form data directly to an NRG/RTOG study or RTOG Foundation study twenty-four (24) hours a day, seven (7) days a week.
If you have any technical problems with the Data Center, please email us at websupport@acr.org.
If you have any problems with accessing your account or your institution through the Data Center, please email us at RTOGuseraccounts@acr.org.
The Login with RTOG ID link MUST be used if the case was enrolled prior to March 1, 2014 or for registration to an RTOG Foundation trial. The Login with CTEP-IAM ID link may be used to access NRG/RTOG cases enrolled after March 1, 2014.
An RTOG ID may be requested by accessing the Password Authorization Form from the following link: https://crcuserreg.acr.org/Registration/App_Web/USERACCOUNT/Login.aspx?Site=3

We urge you to keep all of your login account information confidential.

Login with RTOG ID Login with CTEP-IAM ID